About Selfies


Hello. The Selfies app is brought to you by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. You can take selfies, make them look great with filters, add captions, share them with friends or the world, and respond to each other with even more selfies! The app is still young, changing and growing as we get feedback from our early users.

You can download the app here.


  • Why did you go Android first for this app?
    We asked our users!
  • Are you planning on making Selfies available for iPhone and iPad?
    Depends on how it does on Android.
  • Where can I report bugs or get support?
    Please post bugs and questions on our Feedback P2.
  • Can I post my Selfie to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media?
    Sure thing! Just tap the “Share” button next to selfies in the stream.
  • Does Selfies offer any photo editing capabilities or filters?
    Yes. The app has a number of filters, and allows you to do basic rotations and flips. We’d love to know what filters you’d like or tweaks you might suggest.
  • How does Selfies handle privacy? Can I have a private account and grant viewing privileges to only the people I choose?
    All selfies shared in the stream are public, and anyone with the app can see them. You can always delete a selfie you accidentally posted. Just tap the little three-dot menu icon at the right side of your selfie-card to delete it.